Therapeutic Services

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy focuses on a child’s small muscles, including their fingers, hands and upper extremities and is provided to improve sensory processing, visual perception and fine motor skills, as well as daily living skills. 

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy aims to improve a child’s large muscle development and is provided to improve balance skills, body awareness, coordination skills, muscle tone and strengthening. This all helps children successfully negotiate their environment.

OT PT Prescription Form

Speech Therapy

Speech therapists focus on many areas of communication including receptive language, expressive language, articulation, phonology and auditory processing, as well as oral motor development and feeding concerns. Therapists work with children using many different techniques, including PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), PROMPT therapy, and many others.

Psychological Counseling

Psychologists and Social Workers focus on improving self-control, coping skills, relationships and social interactions.  Services include Play Therapy, Parent Counseling, Functional Behavior Analysis, Behavior Intervention Plans, Classroom Consultation and Parent Workshops.

Nursing Services

A full-time nurse is available to all children at NIS. Nursing services can be provided as per a child's Individualized Education Plan.

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